A day at Killara

The educational programs at Killara Children's Centre was created with our children’s needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment.

6:30am - 8am

Breakfast - Children are offered breakfast and family grouping which enables children and families to transition into their day.

Breakfast consist of healthy cereals/ toast/milk and water

8am - 9am

Children are welcomed into their rooms by educators and commence the daily program


Morning Tea  - fresh or dried fruit is provided to the children with the option of milk and water

9am - 11am

Indoor / Outdoor - Educational program is offered both indoors and outdoors throughout the whole day. This covers all areas of the Early years learning frame work


Lunch - A nutritious meal is provided for all the children along with their water bottles


Tooth brushing - All children are encouraged to brush their teeth to further develop their personal health and the importance of a healthy body

12pm - 2pm

Sleep / Rest / Quiet Time - Sleep is offered in the babies room throughout the day, however in the older rooms sleep/rest is offered at this time to rejuvenate the children's bodies and wellbeing ready for the afternoon. For those not wanting a sleep, quiet activities are provided.


Afternoon Tea - Nutritional afternoon tea is provided to all children along with milk and water

2pm - 6pm

Indoor / Outdoor program -The early years learning framework is provided to all children between this time which is developmentally age appropriate and caters for all children's abilities and interests.

Please note these times are a guide only, as we aim to provide gradual and relaxed routine times to promote positive transitions.

Child Doing Art Activity