Before & After Kinder Care

Does your child attend Wallan Kindergarten?

Kids in Preschool

We have great news for you!

Killara Children's Centre offers before and after care for your child who is attending Wallan Kindergarten.

Our qualified educators will take your child to their kinder session and pick them up for you.

Full day - your child will attend Killara before and after their kinder session.

$75 per day

Half day - your child will attend Killara before OR after their kinder session

$55 per day 

Your child will receive all of the benefits of long daycare hours, however you will still be required to pack your child a lunch box for their kinder session whilst they are there.

If you would like to take this offer up please contact us as spaces are limited. 

These fees is only valid for the days your child attends their kinder sessions, excludes school holidays and extra days your child attends Killara